Finding the Perfect Means of Transfers for your Trip

Imagine you eventually arrive at the location of your dream vacation. However, upon leaving the airport, subconsciously you start worrying about how to navigate your way around without getting lost in the big city. To further make matters worse, you do not speak their native language. You can easily avoid this problem through the means of a service known as a transfer. Transfers are used by many modern travel agencies to eliminate the problem of transportation on arrival to one’s destination.

Imagine upon your arrival at the airport, you will already have a person waiting for you with a sign, where your full name is written. The person then leads you to a vehicle that is already prepared to take you to your hotel. Guaranteed this service may be more expensive than using cabs or the subway, however, it is very useful and comfortable.

For first-time travelers and tourists, transfers may be such a huge problem. In a new territory, where everything and everyone seems foreign, you need to find the right means of transporting yourself and your luggage to your hotel or guesthouse. The perfect transfer depends on a number of factors. A major determinant is how many people are traveling together with you on the trip if you are not traveling solo. You also need to consider how many bags or the amount of luggage you are carrying in order to hire the right transfer. For example, if you are traveling with a group of three or four, a regular car or SUV might suffice. However, if the group number is about 6–10 people with excess luggage, you might want to consider hiring a minivan or shuttle to your destination. For groups with greater than 10 people, you’ll need an even more spacious bus for the transfer. The type of transfer used will greatly influence the cost as well as the distance traveled. If your destination is very far from the airport, then you should expect to spend more than if your destination is just a stone’s throw away.

There are many firms that provide transfer services to the station or to the airport.

You can negotiate with the company’s transportation organizer directly or through your travel agent. You can also search for companies that offer travelers the opportunity to pre-book shuttles and buses.

It is advisable to use a company which has a wide range of vehicles from passenger cars; shuttles and large buses in order to switch to another option in case you have to increase the number of people you are traveling with or your luggage.

Ensure you preview the vehicle involved in the transfer from the airport to the designated station and check if they comply with the international level of service as the majority of their clients are foreigners.

You don’t have to forfeit comfort because you are using transfers. In fact, for an additional fee, you can enjoy a glass of champagne on your way to your lodge. Nevertheless, if you are looking to save money, you can use a shared vehicle or group transfer. You will still need guides to take you to the bus where you have to wait for other passengers. Everyone will be delivered to their respective destinations.

Collecting a large number of people may be difficult and time-consuming using a shared transfer. You may have to spend additional time waiting for other people to come on board. Also, because not everyone is going to lodge at the same hotel, the driver may have to make several stops on the way.

Another alternative way of getting to your hotel from the airport is to use a cab. This doesn’t necessarily mean cheap as sometimes the difference between the cost of a taxi and that of a private transfer may be negligible especially if your hotel is very far from the airport. You will still have to communicate with the driver to describe your hotel and if you don’t speak the language, then this will be difficult.

Another good option is to consider using the subway or train if available. They are relatively inexpensive and time-consuming. However, luxury benefits are mostly not included.

Therefore, using a transfer is often the best method. Note that the more expensive the means of transfer, the more comfortable the trip. Check the services included in the package you are considering such as the availability of the air conditioner among other services you require.

You can also guarantee yourself the perfect means of transfer by using a travel advisor who is knowledgeable in these areas. Enjoy your smooth ride!

Erin Smith, Travel Advisor

Cultivating Connections Travel Planner


Vacations present the perfect opportunity to take a break from your hectic schedule and embark on exciting adventures abroad. Can you think of a better way to enjoy a holiday than to spend it with your friends and family? Do you want your next vacation to be that memorable? Why not experience the trip of a lifetime with your family and friends and strengthen the bonds you share?





I plan effortless group travel crafted around your passions. Connect with the interests — and people — you care about most! Custom getaways + guided tours

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Erin Smith — Travel Advisor

Erin Smith — Travel Advisor

I plan effortless group travel crafted around your passions. Connect with the interests — and people — you care about most! Custom getaways + guided tours

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