What does it REALLY Cost to Take a Cruise?

What does it REALLY Cost to Take a Cruise?

For a lover of travel, chances are that going on a cruise is on your bucket list. Cruises are one of the most popular forms of travel around the world. Millions of passengers take cruises yearly to destinations such as the Caribbean, Alaska, the Bahamas, Europe, the Mediterranean and even Antarctica. You can even choose the option of an all-inclusive cruise vacation package with trips that include your accommodation, meals and entertainment, all in one package. Some cruise lines may even include the price of drinks and tours offshore. Cruising means viewing the world.

Cruises are also a great choice for family vacations, with many cruise lines providing free entertainment such as mini-golf courses, waterslides, and fun clubs for kids and teens. Planning a cruise by yourself is not so easy. It is not about just picking a destination and a cruise ship. You will need to consider whether you want to cruise by sea or by river, the class of the cruise line, the quality of food served, the staff-to-guest ratio, size of cabin, location and type of cabin, number of beds in the cabin, length of cruise, etc. Some cruise lines offer packages with inclusions such as alcohol, shore tours or even airfare while others don’t.

Cruises are common among travelers because they can save the price of a hotel by using a cabin on the ship. If you are bringing children on a cruise, it is advisable you check out the cost of childcare services.

Booking the Best Cruises

The cost of a cruise also depends on the time of the year you’re booking the cruise. Booking a cruise during summer or the holidays is usually going to cost more than booking on other times of the year. The type of cabin also matters. An inside cabin may cost more than a guaranteed cabin which is ideal for those who are looking to save some costs. Likewise, cabins on higher floors cost more than cabins on lower decks. Of course, a suite with a nice, unobstructed view at the balcony will be more luxurious and expensive. It all depends on your preference.

Smaller ships from some cruise lines offer passengers cheap prices.

There are also transatlantic or repositioning cruises for those who want a less expensive cruise. These cruises are one-way trips meaning the ship starts sailing in one port and finish at another. However, you will probably need to spend more on airline ticket back.

You want to cruise in luxury? Then you’ll not have to pay extra for inclusions such as Wi-Fi access, smart TVs, drinks etc. In most cases — those costs will likely be included in your fare.

What is the perfect time to take a luxury cruise?

If you want to book a cruise for you and your partner, oftentimes booking then in September or October is the way to go. Avoid booking during winter holidays and shorter summer sailings. You can consider the Spring shoulder season when the weather is perfect for cruising depending on the destination.

Why is a luxury cruise special?

Most luxury cruises are all-inclusive vacations, so you may not need to pay for inclusions such as alcohol, tips, WiFi access or even shore excursions. The ports visited are more intimate with less people. The staff are also well trained to anticipate the needs of the guests so they practically wait on you 24 hours a day. You should also expect elegant interior designs such as marble or granite countertops, dazzling chandeliers and beautiful art collections. The size of the cabins or staterooms are usually larger than what you see on other cruise ships even though the ship might be smaller.

How many passengers are on a luxury cruise?

Luxury cruise ships are mostly smaller in size than other cruise ships with the number of passengers varying from fewer than 200 to around 1,000. A luxury cruise should have a good passenger-to-crew ratio and some even have almost one crew member per passenger. Though the ships may be smaller, because of the fewer number of passengers it is actually more spacious.

How much does a luxury cruise cost?

Putting a price tag on the real cost of a cruise is difficult because of the various factors involved. You have to consider the aforementioned factors in this article to budget properly. Or better still, use a travel agent who is knowledgeable about cruises such as CCTP in order to get the best value for your vacation dollars.

One of the things to get excited about while you travel is food. Every location is unique for their food and how they cook it. There’s always a story to tell from different foods you try. That’s why traveling is essential. You get to try out new things.

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I plan effortless group travel crafted around your passions. Connect with the interests — and people — you care about most! Custom getaways + guided tours

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Erin Smith — Travel Advisor

Erin Smith — Travel Advisor

I plan effortless group travel crafted around your passions. Connect with the interests — and people — you care about most! Custom getaways + guided tours

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